Polycarbonate Heritage Plates

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  • placa policarbonato 50x20x0,30mm
  • placa policarbonato 50x20x0,30mm
  • policarbonato 85x48x0,30mm
  • placa policarbonato 40x20x0,30mm
  • placa policarbonato 50x20x0,30mm
  • etiqueta policarbonato 85x48mm

3TEC Polycarbonate Heritage Plates

Polycarbonate plates in addition to the patrimonial application are also used, and often, to identify electro-electronic equipment sold, loaned or loaned.

The polycarbonate plates are fixed on equipment such as printers, scanners, multifunctionals, copiers, among other equipment.

Polycarbonate plates offer excellent strength and durability. The plates are produced in various sizes, colors and fixed with double-sided adhesive.

The polycarbonate plates differ slightly in relation to the aluminum plates, as they are more flexible and adapt to the fixing in curved spaces.

If your company, in addition to selling, also makes equipment rental, talk to 3Tec, we have the solution to identify those goods in a personalized way, with the polycarbonate plates.