Destructible security labels

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  • etiqueta destrutível
  • etiqueta destrutível 45x15mm
  • etiqueta destrutível 40x13x0,08mm

3TEC destructible security labels

3TEC adhesive destructible labels are very efficient to seal products of various types of surfaces safely. After adhesive, the destructible labels are broken when raped, releasing pieces of the adhesive. Because they are destructible, they efficiently prevent removal and relocation.

Feature of destructible labels

Destructible labels are typically constructed with a destructible vinyl-based product, and are used to ensure that the product remains safe or warranted, indicating whether it has not been opened or tampered with. Within some industries, destructible labels are a requirement. 3TEC can produce custom destructible labels according to the customer’s desire, and adapted to their specific needs.

Lately, there has been significant interest in the use of destructible labels to mark assets. The specialized and personalized material helps eliminate the possibility of replacing a destroyed label with a false label. The utility is quite broad in the area of safety markers.

How the attempt to violate destructible labels works

This type of security labels is very fragile and is destroyed when adult, regardless of the surface on which it is applied. Destructible labels are highly indicated for use in electronic equipment, appliances, rental equipment, computers, cell phones, notebooks and various other types of instruments or machines that need to have their access avoided. They can not be transferred to other equipment and detection of obvious adulteration.

See our complete price list for options of colors and quantities of destructible labels. Based on what you need we will prepare a customized budget for you. 3TEC is a company specialized in the field, and can offer you the best option available in the market.

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