The labels or patrimony label, as well as the patrimony plates have the function of controlling the patrimony assets of the organizations. They are manufactured in various materials such as aluminum, polyester, polycarbonate, PVC and also in different sizes according to the needs of each client. They can be produced in different colors, usually related to the logo.

The way of fixing the labels or heritage plates can be with or without adhesive, with or without holes or both situations. For security applications use Void or Destructible labels. Destructible labels espedaçam in the attempt of elimination.

By completing these mentioned data, we note the importance of the barcode on the labels and heritage plates, since they speed up and facilitate control. The technology of optical reading is allowed, thus generating the ease, speed and dynamism in the patrimonial control of assets of fixed assets and assets of each organization.

We also offer thermal printers as a process integration solution. Heritage plates control the assets in your company. Heritage plates in aluminum, polyester, polycarbonate, pvc, facilitate the control of heritage in your company.

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