How to Fixar

How to apply or fix 3TEC equity labels

See below guidelines on how to adhere or set 3Tec equity label on the assets of your company to obtain optimal durability and patrimonial control. Clean the room with a flannel using 100% alcohol to remove all impurities such as porosity, gluing and engraving. Next, remove the protective paper from the adhesive on the label and apply a light uniform pressure on the label to achieve the adhesive. After 72 hours on average the adhesive will reach the curing time.

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Why choose 3TEC

Experiencia y credibilidad

Experience and credibility

We are the forerunners of heritage automation with barcodes in Minas Gerais, we started in 1994.

Excelencia en el servicio

Excellence in service

In order to meet the needs of our customers. We are also present in Latin America and Africa.

Garantía de calidad

Quality guarantee

We manufacture complete solutions to automate the heritage of organizations, with quality and trained equipment, taking what is new for your company.