Doubts about the Control of Patrimony

Some guidelines on the control of heritage.

– What is the purpose of estate control?

The patrimony in the companies is controlled to attend accounting / fiscal demands and also to have the management, that is, the good administration of the assets of the organization. In the accounting / fiscal issue, the better the control, the greater the benefit of the depreciation of the assets when the balance is closed.

-How to control the patrimony in the organization in which I work?

The market offers software and heritage management applications. These systems will demand information regarding the origin of the purchases of each asset acquired as: supplier, date, value, description of the good, amortization time of each asset, value of the depreciation, among others.

– What numbering can I use to control the patrimony?

You should use the easiest numbering to generate control in your company. Sequential numbering is preferred, but there are others, such as: alphanumeric, by group, with verifier digit. 3Tec is an ability to prepare any numbering that the client requires.

-The heritage plates are available in what materials?

Heritage plates are available in aluminum, polycarbonate, PVC.

– Are heritage labels available on what materials?

Heritage labels are available in polyester, Void, destructible. The last two also have the function of sealing and rape.

Howto fix heritage plates?

After proper cleaning of the chosen place, the heritage plates can be fixed through double-sided, riveted adhesive. For the use of the rivet, the heritage plates are delivered with central side holes.

How to fix the heritage labels?

After proper cleaning of the chosen place, remove the liner that protects the adhesive from the label and make the fixation. Polyester, Void and Destructible, are materials that already come with the manufacturer’s direct glue. 3Tec has partnered with traditional and global manufacturers.

– What are the benefits of the bar code for the control of heritage?

We can list at least three advantages: ease, agility, security. This trio dynamizes the management of heritage in companies.

– What bar code to use on the heritage plate or heritage label?

The preferred barcode is 128, which allows movements in width and height. The 39 and the 2 of 5 are also used frequently.

– What equipment to use to read the barcode?

The integrated data collector with laser reader is indicated for that application, as it reads and stores the data read in the barcode, and then download it into the wealth management system. 3Tec offers its customers the CPT8001C Cipher Lab collector / reader.