Quality, Punctuality, Seriousness allied to Tradition are the requirements that have moved us more than 22 years ago, to bring heritage automation solutions to the most diverse clients of all economic segments.


3Tec is a company that acts in the production of labels and plates for identification of heritage. For more than 22 years, and with tradition in the market, we serve all of Brazil, as well as being present in companies in Latin America and Africa.

With the constant evolution of technologies and the growing demand for the use of barcodes as a process facilitation tool, 3Tec focuses daily on its commitment to the implementation of complete solutions to automate the organizations’ heritage.

Our portfolio offers products developed with the highest quality, using various materials, such as aluminum, polyester, polycarbonate, PVC. In addition, we offer innumerable options of sizes and colors, all according to the specific needs of each client.

Data collectors / optical readers and thermal printers are added to this portfolio.

To maintain pioneering, 3Tec also produces platelets for identification of heritage with QR Code technology.

The QR Code (Rapid Response Code) emerged in 1994 and means “rapid response code”. This system consists of a bar code different from the traditional ones, because it offers the possibility of being interpreted immediately. Through mobile phone devices with an appropriate reader, it offers at the same time the information contained in it. Therefore, the name “quick response”.

Learn more about this and other 3TEC solutions for the identification of heritage. We have a complete line of products to meet all your demands.


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Why choose 3TEC

Experiencia y credibilidad

Experience and credibility

We are the forerunners of heritage automation with barcodes in Minas Gerais, we started in 1994.

Excelencia en el servicio

Excellence in service

In order to meet the needs of our customers. We are also present in Latin America and Africa.

Garantía de calidad

Quality guarantee

We manufacture complete solutions to automate the heritage of organizations, with quality and trained equipment, taking what is new for your company.