QR code as identifier of Business Patrimony

The QR Code is a 2D barcode.

It can store a large number of information, which makes it increasingly accepted by organizations that want to make this information known.

It is common to find inserted in the 2D Code, small fragments of texts, links of sites, numbers, among other data.

To read the 2D Code, or decode it, you will need a cell phone with a camera and download the 2D Code reading application on your cell phone.

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Mining Industry implements the QR Code in the heritage.

Saquetto Industrial, a traditional mining industry, acquired from 3Tec Ltda., Patrimonial platelets with a 2D barcode.

After the interaction between the personnel of Saquetto, with the personnel of the area of development of 3Tec, demanding the needs of the information that they wanted in the 2D code, the plate was elaborated for fixation in the patrimonial assets of the company.